Fire Damage Photo Gallery

melted microwave above a burnt stove with fire extinguish residue covering it

Fire Damage in Residence

This incident occurred in Batesville, AR. The fire started from the stove and the flames reached the microwave. Not only was this a fire but it was a protein fire as well. This is because the incident involved shrimp. 

eric and mike putting the air scrubber together in a home

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Eric, the production manager, and Mike put together an air scrubber in order to remove smoke particles from a home. Air scrubbers purify the air after fire damage has occurred. 

stairs to the left with railing, kitchen to the right, everything is badly burned due to fire, items on counter top

Residential Fire Damage

This extensive fire damage was done to a residential home. This fire affected many parts of the home. Soot covered the walls and the insulation was impacted as well. This damage was caused by a car in the garage. 

Top of roof covered by blue tarp to protect it until SERVPRO can finish the job. This was due to fire damage

Roof Tarp

This garage had a fire loss that burned through the roof decking and into the shingles in Jonesboro, Arkansas. At SERVPRO of Jonesboro, we provide all types of roof tarps. Tarps will generally provide a temporary repair until the job can be fully reconstructed.

sponge with turquiose handle to mop floors

Dry Sponge Test Cleaning

Soot is shown on our dry sponge during test cleaning. This lets the team know what areas must be cleaned. This is a critical pre-testing stage prior to beginning any smoke damage loss. 

badly burned home, upper walls covered in black soot with a rake next to the entrance

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage caused by an electrical fire. This job will require many services that we provide from cleaning to reconstruction. A variety of services were performed with this claim to include new walls and flooring.

A room full of pink insulation on the floor after a fire occured. The ceiling fixtures are terribly torn.

Residential Demolition in Progress After Fire

Demolition or demo for short, being completed to drywall ceiling and insulation following a fire loss. All rooms were gutted in this loss. While it appears to be a mess there were no contents in the home. All contents had previously been packed out for cleaning at our warehouse. This room included a new drywall ceiling and attic insulation. 

soot in the wood in an attic

Smoke Sealer

Smoke Sealer applied to attic wood framing following fire damage in Osceola, Arkansas. Many people are afraid that the smoke odors will continue after interior repairs are made. It is so critical to know that most of the time when soot enters an attic that the wood framing must be attended to. We are able to seal all wood framing to eliminate any residual smoke odors. Most of the time this also includes new attic insulation. 

SERVPRO truck with trailor on the back to carry equipment, advertising is on the side of the trailer and truck

Trailers Used to Board up Houses

The crew is leaving the office to complete an emergency board-up in Blytheville, AR. This job consisted of boarding up three door entries and three windows. We offer this service along with roof tarp services in Jonesboro and the surrounding area.

red bricks covered in soot after fire damage, the right shows the before, in the middle is after we removed the soot

Soot Removal From Brick

We now have a product that allows us to remove smoke residue from brick and block surfaces. This product is sprayed onto services, we then let that product dry. Once the product is ready you simply peel it away from the surface. This photo shows a major before and after difference. The left side is the smoke residue that has not been removed. The middle of the photo is an afterview once the product has been peeled away. The right side shows the product awaiting to be peeled from the surface. Tips on how to handle your home until professionals arrive can also be found on our page. 

outside of bowling center, two men standing outside talking about the job with cars in the parking lot

Fire Damage at Bowling Center

SMR and Production Crew met at the Paragould Bowling Alley to get the fire damage cleanup. We utilized drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. We also removed and cleaned all fallen and burned debris. Once that was done we did water extraction.

outside of commerical building, smoke exititng the building with fire trucks around it, man walking twoards the building

Paragould Jr High School

We were very thankful to be able to work with the Paragould School District to offer cleanup services from the fire on July 6, 2016. Appx 60,000 sqft of classrooms, offices, common areas, and a gymnasium were all affected with soot and/or water damage. With the assistance of our Disaster Recovery Team, we were able to fully clean the building in appx 22 days. Some cleaning was completed alongside the school's reconstruction contractor but did not slow down our teams.