Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mike bent over sorting items

Mike's Hard at Work

Mike is cleaning out a closet and sorting through items that suffered from water-damaged 

Mike and Daniel walking a slab of wood in the driveway in front of house with garage open

Mike and Daniel Recovering Flooded Home

The team works together to make it "Like it Never Even Happened" 

man doing demolition on floor after a flood has dried up in home

After Flood Demolition

SERVPRO employee doing the demolition after devastating flood-hit parts of Jonesboro in early February. We have to pull the base up after we pull the carpet pad and carpet up. Water affects all aspects of your flooring when flooding happens. It's best to strip everything and start fresh as possible once the water source is stopped. 

exterior of two homes that have flooded

Flooded Neighborhood

Flood damage can occur when you least expect it. SERVPRO can handle these types of natural disasters when northeast Arkansas experiences heavy rain. Before you get discouraged, allow us to take the weight off your shoulders by accessing the affected area.  

side of church building with SERVPRO truck to the left and right with a roll off dumpster in the middle

First Baptist Water Damage

SERVPRO can handle disasters big and small. Our team got First Baptist Church in Blytheville back up and running in no time! A pipe burst and offices were affected. This was no problem for SERVPRO!

office building with desk in the middle. 14 SERVPRO dryers on the floor surrounding the large office

Office Building Pipes Burst, No Problem!

This office building in Jonesboro, AR had its pipes burst due to cold weather and other difficulties. SERVPRO arrived on the scene quickly in order to reverse the damage. We needed more than 14 SERVPRO air dryers for the job. 

lower part of dry wall removed due to water damage. Flooring exposed with floor dryers in place to dry any excess water

Demolition In Commercial Space

Demolition occurs due to extensive water damage. In order to prevent mold from affecting the air in the office space, SERVPRO removed anything that had water affect it. The desk was covered in order to prevent paint from getting on items. 

Corner of room that has water in the walls and flooring due to water damage in another room

Water Under the Wall

Have you ever thought about checking an adjoining room for water damage? The theory is true, wet goes to dry. Fortunately, the customer for this job in Cave City, Arkansas did just that. They pulled back the carpet prior to our arrival. As you can see the subfloor up against the base trim is wet.

pieces of wood removed from drywall that was affected by water

Water Damaged Base Trim

You can visually see that this base trim has been affected by water damage. It has absorbed the moisture into the wood. The base trim in this instance was removed from the drywall so that adequate airmovers can dry the drywall and trim (if it is to be salvaged). Some base trim is made of MDF material and must be replaced when wet while solid wood base can often be salavaged and reused. 

wooden structure beams holding wall up, tarp tapped together to create enclosed space for drying


Containment is used to close off the attic following the ceiling demolition. This allows us to have a closed drying environment for water loss. This is discussed through our IICRC training for our industry.

SERVPOR equipment drying floors. Large wooden chest to the right of the room, hard wood floors

Drying Wet Walls

Walls are being dried with air movers and a dehumidifier. In some cases, it is not necessary to remove base trim but every job is different. We use our moisture meters to find all hidden moisture.

medium sized room, white walls, one averaged sized window adjacent from the door, water on hard wood floor

Hardwood Flooring

Cold temperatures caused many frozen pipes this year that led to multiple water losses in Jonesboro, Arkansas and surrounding cities within North East Arkansas. As you can see water damage can affect many materials and even that precious hardwood flooring. It is imperative that immediate steps be taken to remove the excess water and begin drying the hardwood. 

extensive damage to floor due to water, pipes and structure boards showing, pipe placement on the floor

Unattended Water Damage

When you notice water inside your home please find the source causing damage and call SERVPRO to handle the job. Even as much as 72 hours left unattended can cause secondary damage to what were unaffected materials or mold growth. Had the water damage been addressed in the beginning, there may not have been a need to remove so many porous materials.

water damage behind ice maker in a dark space, red walls, white on the bottom

Ice Maker Leak

Often not thought about but an ice maker line can leak and not be seen for weeks or even months. These are mostly slow leaks but sometimes can rupture and be seen immediately. When pulling your refrigerator out for routine cleaning be sure that you don't move it too far. Some of the ice maker lines are rather short. Be certain of the distance you can move the appliance to prevent turning a happy cleaning moment into calling your local SERVPRO franchise. 

SERVPRO crew loading equipment onto truck

Tackling Water Damage

The crew is gathering supplies needed to begin water extraction and set up temporary power distribution for drying services. We had several employees show up for this loss within a couple of hours of our site visit. We had limited time to complete this job so we had to move quickly.